About Us

TiliaLime is not a beauty product – we are not here tell you about your “imperfections”. We aim only to help maintain the natural balance and protection of your skin – because there is nothing more beautiful than supple & healthy lips. We know first-hand how uncomfortable dry, chapped lips can be and so we’ve made it our mission to bring you the smoothest, most luxurious products to heal and soften your lips in the funnest way possible!

Our collection of moisturizing lip balm does not contain any ingredients other than the ones listed on the label at the back of each container. Some ingredients can even be found in your favorite desserts! All of our pigments come from powdered herbs and mineral mica. They are purchased from local Canadian merchants, who give utmost care to sustainability, quality, and the protection of the natural beauty of our world.

TiliaLime offers luxury lip products made with 100% nature-infused butters, essential oils derived from ripe fruit, kisses, woodland hiking, and shimmering waterfalls! Make TiliaLime a source of health & natural therapy in your lifestyle, through its unique blend of scents and colors. Indulge your lips in candy-flavored nutrition of the soothing shea butter and antioxidant-rich jojoba oil that is packed with vitamins E and A. It is handmade in Canada in small batches, paraben, petrolatum and cruelty free for soft, yummy, kissable lips. And whether your lips fancy aquamarine blue, iridescent gold, or shimmering white – you’ll find your dream hues and yummy flavors at TiliaLime.