About TiliaLime

TiliaLime is the most natural, fun and effective way to keep your lips happy and soft. Tilia products are created by a family run business founded in 2015 by a Canadian gal from Ontario who loves everything natural, authentic, and wild.

After months of formulating and testing, she wanted to create something more than just really good lip balm – every product has to be a perfect pocket companion on your everyday adventures. And so, we gave each of our creations a dreamy name like Enchanted Solitude and Wanderlust, meant to capture the wilderness and inspire you on your journey.

Our products are truly wild and raw, because each one is infused with real superfoods like goji, spirulina, turmeric, dark cocoa, green tea and berries. Tilia is practical and effective, but it is also designed to remind you of your core and to guide you back to nature.

Things that matter to us

At TiliaLime we believe in creating an unforgettable experience for our customers every time they use our products. We believe the stuff you use on your skin should be as naturally unique as you! And so you can count in Tilia whenever you need a pick-me-up. For a day full of business meetings. For your third date. When you’re out for a long hike. Right after a shower or right before bed. When you just want to be you… we’ve got something for every skin-mood and a balm that’s good for your lips and good for your soul. Your lips say more than you know – they are an outlet for your emotions. From shy smiles to uncontrollable laughter with your bestie, to crooked grins, pursed lips, tightly pressed lips, parted lips, wild lips – with so much of life to take care of, let us take care of the health and softness of your lips.

"Every woman’s lips are beautiful & deserve simply the best.”