The story of Tilia

Before our company became TiliaLime, it was a simple 3-ingredient lip balm and a crazy idea to turn it into something bigger. That lip balm was scented simply with lime essential oil that is so uplifting and fresh, we wanted to pay tribute to it with our company name.

Yet the name didn't form until we've gone through a very long list. While vacationing in sunny Florida we wrote down every idea that popped into our heads. What a difference it made - after all, it was November and back home it was so cold and nature was in slumber. But the beach waves and the sun kept our minds working until we finally settled on the idea of a lime tree.

But it wasn't until we were back in Ontario, when a simple search revealed that a 'lime tree' is sometimes used to refer to the Tilia species, which you may also know as linden or basswood.

We grew up surrounded by Tilia trees and they still dominate our neighborhoods and forests, and fill the air with such their sweet honey aroma in the spring. Tilia trees are simple - but they hold within them the magic of nature and powerful medicinal properties that have been harvested and used for hundreds of years. 

Tilia tree or lime tree - is large and has heart-shaped leafs and very fragrant flowers. It has a multitude of medicinal properties and are used for herbal medicine in Europe and parts of North America and the trees can reach considerable ages, with up to around 2000 years. Their flowers are also very important for beekeepers for the production of honey and beeswax! 

In the old Slavic mythology, the linden or tilia - or lipa - tree was considered sacred. And so, we became TiliaLime as you know us today. We continue to innovate with every formulation we produce so that we may live up to our name. We have refined that first lime lip balm and it is known now simply as The Original and you can enjoy its honey-lime flavor in a lip balm or a lip scrub form.