Frequently Asked Questions

Will it colour my lips?

No! Okay, perhaps a little. It all depends on how much you apply! Our products are lip balms - intended to moisturize and protect your lips, not colour them. But the lip balms with shimmer dust on top (for example, our delicious Poison Apple) may cause colouration. It is best to use a bit of the shimmer at a time or to pair it up with a similar colour lipstick! We believe that lip balm should be fun. Why be limited to boring beige and white when you can have an entire color palette of choices! Our lip balm makes an excellent base for any lipstick, especially liquid and matte types!

How big is the jar?

Our lip balms in a comfortable size of 0.5oz or 15g. The size is ideal to last for the season or up to 2 years.

Can I use TiliaLime in combination with other products?

You certainly can and you should! Our lip balm can serve as a great base for any product. It works exceptionally well with matte lipsticks, as our balm will deeply nourish and condition your lips, but won't ruin your look with excess greasiness. Happy mix-and-matching - just don't forget to share your results with us on Instagram!

What are those colourful speckles?

We call them 'shimmer dust' and they are 100% lip safe, mica powder - the same as the ones mixed into the lip balm itself. It is sprinkled on top to create a unique combination that allows you to experiment and have fun with your look! At the warmth of your fingertips the speckles will melt into the lip balm and when applied to the lips will give them a subtle, but buildable sheen.

Can I create custom flavours and colours?

Yes! If you have a special event coming up and would like to treat your guests to some lip-loving goodness, just drop us a line and let us know which colours and flavours you wish to combine. You can choose from any of our existing flavours and combine up to 3 for a unique treat!

Send us your desire order quantity and a colour swatch and we'll hand-mix a very close match and send you the results before production!

Why is my lip balm grainy?

Do not fret if your lip balm becomes grainy at any point of use. It is perfectly natural and happens from the heating and cooling natural butters, such as Mango Butter. While we're always working on making your lip balm as smooth as possible, even in its grainy form, our lip balms still contain all of the healing and hydrating properties. But if the grainy texture is uncomfortable for you, give us a shout and we'll happily replace your product for free.

Is the lip balm I bought really made with all natural and local ingredients?

Yes! We've picked out luxurious ingredients that are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and antioxidant benefits for your lips. We focus on maintaining your skin's natural healthy softness, keeping it ready for everything that comes their way - from the shy pecks to the most vigorous kisses. Our raw ingredients come from local farmers, as well as Canadian or North American suppliers. While we dream of the day when vibrant colours and flavours will be derived directly from nature, all of current pigments and bright colours are 100% lip safe and our usage is less than 3%.

I received an incomplete package, how come?

If you ordered more than 6 items at a time, we will ship them in two different envelopes through Canada Post. We ship them out at the same time, however, we do not have any control of what happens to your packages once we hand them over to the postal agent. We do this in order to keep the shipping costs down for our valued customers. If you place a wholesale order with us, we will ship your items all at once.

I want to place a wholesale order. How can I do so?

Great! We'd love for you to carry our line or give our products away at an event and we'll do everything we can to make this process as smooth as possible! Simply Contact Us to discuss your needs and the amount you wish to order. Our minimum order is currently 12. We provide a 45% discount on orders of less than 100 items, and 50% on orders of 100 or more. Feel free to get creative! Ordering in bulk? We invite you to mix and match any of our flavours and colours! Simply tell us what you want and we'll create it for you! All wholesale orders come with mini samples so that your customers or you can try the products out at anytime!

Why choose TiliaLime?

Because it really works and it's inspired by the beauty of the Canadian landscapes! Here are some of the benefits of our lip balm:

  • protects lips against bacteria, microbes, and fungus
  • speeds up the healing of wounds
  • contains natural, organic, and fresh ingredients bought in Canada
  • acts as a kissing agent – seriously, we dare anyone to resist their delicious scent!
  • uses the actual ingredient, not just flavor - we use real lavender flowers, Earl Grey tea, Chai spice, and chocolate when creating our lip balms
  • our products are created fresh on a weekly basis or upon demand
  • even our colors come from natural source – we use as many natural pigments as we can, such as turmeric, and for others we include shimmering micas, the sparkliest gift from the geological processes within our earth itself
  • no animals were kissed in the creation of our products!* (okay, we kiss some, but we always let them pick the flavor first!)

Does it really contain essential oils?

Yes! Not in very large amounts, but just enough to provide a balance of health benefits and exciting scents.

Essential oils heal wounds, fight off bacteria, and have a playful, uplifting scent that is sure to put you into a kissing mood.

We also use a sweetener to give your lips a tasty treat! All of our essential oils are cosmetic grade.

Is it for lips only?

TiliaLime products contain a variety of natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, and promote its health and healing.

You may apply the product to any area with dry, cracked skin, as well as minor cuts, and piercings. Or you may just want to use it as a solid perfume! Please note that areas with large injuries, and open or bleeding wounds should not be exposed to our product, or any other product, that isn't recommended by your doctor!

Is it safe for piercings?

If you experience the healing properties of our products on your lips, you may be tempted to apply it to new or inflamed piercings. Please be mindful and careful when doing so!

We do not guarantee that the oils we use in our products will not negatively react with any metals, dyes, or specific skin types. Such a reaction could cause irritation, itchiness, and peeling skin. We best advise you to stop using our product immediately in the proximity of the pierced area if the irritation occurs.

When will I get my order?

We create your product within 72 hours from the moment of order, and ship it out the same day. While it should arrive to you shortly, please note that we are shipping from Canada, and be mindful of your home country’s postal duration.

How long does the product last?

Our lip balm is good for about 2 years from the moment of purchase. We do not use chemical preservatives and create our products in small batches each week (or upon demand) and ship it directly to you, to ensure to outstanding quality only an all-natural product can have.

Can I have an allergic reaction to the product?

Yes. While we test our products multiple times before putting them in our store, we accept that individual skin types, illnesses, combination with other products, and hygienic habits may create an allergic or unpleasant reaction on your skin.

Our products contain a variety of butters and oils derived from tree nuts or fruit kernels (i.e. sweet almond oil, shea nut butter, mango butter), as well as essential oils that are highly concentrated and extracted from real plans (such as citruses).

Anytime you put anything onto your skin, you may be susceptible to an allergic or unpleasant reaction. Please notify us of any reasons for concern in the order notes field at checkout.

Please note that TiliaLime is not responsible for any reaction to our product on your skin*

What is your return policy?

Upon purchase, you have 30 days to return your product. Yes, even if you've already tried it on your lips!

If are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, if you experience an unpleasant reaction for no known reason, the container is bent or damaged upon shipping, or the product doesn't appear the way it does on the website - we'll gladly give you your money back.

Simply ship the product back to us, with your order number and reason for the return, and once we receive it, we will issue you a full refund.

Please understand that we cannot reimburse used purchases if you have simply changed your mind or found an alternative product.