How it all began...

TiliaLime was created in 2015 by a Canadian gal living in small cozy town in Ontario. Her passion the great landscapes, and being surrounded by the purity and colour of nature, she was inspired to create a lip balm with a personality.

One stormy twilight, when the stubborn north wind bent the autumn trees under its force and the air was full of promise, a tiny lip balm was born. Back then, it had only four ingredients, but what a wonderfully full, sweet, and enchanting lime flavor it had! It didn’t take long to discover that it also healed any lip ailment as if by magic. So began the adventure that is Tilia Lime.

It started with pure, organic, unrefined coconut oil and the results were shiny and supple. After a long research expedition and various dramatic experiments (and several cauldron explosions) with recipes, colours, and flavours, we’ve settled on the collection you see before you. We simply couldn’t wait to share – so that you too can bring a bit of TiliaLime into your next kissing session!

What matters to us the most

Helping you find a lip balm that helps you express your personality!

What we want most is to create an unforgettable experience for you. We are working hard to create the most effective and most delicious lip balm, and package each order with care and an added personal touch. Who says healthy can’t be fun? Armed with nutrient & vitamin-rich butters we don’t compromise on colour or the yumminess-factor. In Canada, we celebrate our diversity and we show our true colours – that’s why we want to help you find (or create) an ideal lip balm – as unique as you are!