Kiss-worthy hydration at your fingertips

Give your lips a natural glow

Our lip balm is created fresh every week or upon demand, so that your lips may enjoy the purest form of goodness. We blend luxury oils and butters by hand in our lab and never freeze them, so that we can keep the healing qualities of each ingredient active.

Fresh ingredients that are good enough to eat

At TiliaLime we want your lips to go on a wilderness adventure every time you apply one of our lip balms. Many chemicals are unknowingly consumed with typical cosmetic use, so we have deliberately minimized the amount of chemicals in our products. We fight every day to deliver as much natural goodness as we can with each jar of TiliaLime lip balm without compromising on fun colours and taste!

Lip-biting smoothness!

We’ve hand-picked our ingredients for you to enjoy, from the most luxurious butters, oils, and flavors. Our beeswax is sourced from beekeepers, and we include it in our formula to create a protective layer on your kissers and to keep them velvety-soft.

Lip balm so yummy, you’ll want to eat it!

We ship your favorite products fresh, within days of them being made! Each lip balm is sweetened with stevia and flavor or an essential oil blend to tease your nose whenever you wear it. Our lip balm is designed to last about 2 years. But if you don’t use it up way, way before the expiration date – let us know so we can bring the deliciousness factor up a notch.

Your lips best friend

TiliaLime products are designed and tested in our lab. It starts with a long walk in the woods and when a new potion is dreamed up, it’s brewed and dusted with sparkles. If it’s yummy – we share it with you! And we mean ‘potion’ – every lip balm includes vitamins A, C, & E and Tea Tree Oil that heals your lips twice as fast!

Smile with nature

We want to give your lips the most natural and harmless products. But we also want your collection to be as colourful as a box of watercolours and as flavorful as jelly beans! Our ingredients come from nature and our clean-up crew runs on elbow grease! Did we mention our containers are recyclable, too?