Small-batch, Handmade &
100% Natural.

TiliaLime is the most natural and fun way to keep your lips happy and soft. From the first lip balm - that contained only three ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and a drop of steam distilled lime oil - to the truly wild and raw products you know and love today. They are infused with real superfoods like goji, strawberry, dark cocoa, green tea and beautifying butters and oils.

Each TiliaLime product also offers an affirmation that calls you back to your core and guides you to nature. TiliaLime is your perfect pocket companion that loves you and your lips. 

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Our Vision

Whether you searching for your most authentic self, find yourself caught in a daydream or craving that dose of boldness in your life, we have a product made just for you.

Purpose and Passion

We formulate with unique ingredients from all over our beautiful planet and provide you with clean, handcrafted skincare. At TiliaLime, we simply invite you to be you. Helping you embrace nature is what fuels our relentless passion to keep creating thoughtful products that love your skin.    


“To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we're separate from”

TiliaLime started in 2016 when a gal from Ontario was seraching for fresh, raw and natural natural ingredients to add to her own skincare ritual.

After months of formulating and testing, she created a line of all natural – and edible – lip balm and scrub full of skin loving superfoods.

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Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: One, to formulate clean products with botanical ingredients that can take a therapeutic stance within your skincare ritual. Two, to help you find a connection to the outdoor world without and embrace your true nature.        


Love you, love your skin

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Fruit and Botanical Extracts

We carefully selected effective but gentle wild ingredients for every unique formulation. A variety of extracts are added to every product to help your skin look and feel its best.


Small-batch, Handmade Skincare

Each and every product you see in our store is meticulously researched, formulated, and tested. New products are made each week, so when you place an order form us, you know you're getting only the freshest skincare.


Happy skin guaranteed

Each time you wear one of our products, we want you to be a little happier, a little more peaceful and closer to nature. From every ingredient on our list to the little jar you hold in your hand, we want you to fully love our creation. If you don't, we understand and will do everything we can to replace your product or improve it until you are happy. So if something you just don't love - or if you simply want to say hi - just drop us a line at info@tilialime.com. 

The Story Behind the Name

What does TiliaLime mean? Tilia tree - or linden or lime tree - is a large tree with heart-shaped leafs and honey-scented flowers. For centuries it has been valued for its medicinal properties.

Lime refers to the first lip balm we ever made that was scented with lime oil. We put the two together to stand as a symbol of truly natural and wild-crafted brand.

You can still enjoy a refined version of that flavor in The Original lip balm or lip scrub. Like the flowers of the Tilia tree during their blooming season, this balm is mildly scented with honey and notes of citrus.

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